What Do People Hate About Real Estate Agents.

what do people hate about real estate agents

Real estate agent jobs are one of the trickiest jobs that require convincing clients to attain lifelong desires. The public perception of real estate agents is not so good due to dishonest acts like faking buyers. The sector started as professional career but has now turned into the middle men and women snatching commission with games and tricks.

There is no specific educational background needed as long as you have a minimum level of the education let’s take it as a generalist occupation. There are several reasons why people don’t trust realtors.

People hate about real estate agents because of the factors below

  1. Lies of underquoting property prices.
  2. Distrusted realtors have a tendency of lowering the price of the property on listings. And tend to increase the property in front of the interested buyer for a separate commission making the seller lose money yet he also has to pay them another commission.

  3. No Loyalty to one another.
  4. Most real estate agents will do everything to win a listing by giving painting a bad reputation to one another in front of a seller. Most of such unethical practices affect almost all agents because everyone is trying to win the bread of commission. To the clients this makes them dishonest and distrusted with assets.

  5. Time management on attending work due to poor planning.
  6. Some agents are so good at poor time management on auctions, open houses and many other meetings that are related to work. This kind of weakness causes failure in relationships with clients and you may end up not performing in your business.

  7. What to wear as a real estate agent.
  8. What you wear as a professional reflects confidence, value and many other factors. Most real estate agents of this century have taken steps off the gas about reputation. An agent comes with untacked shirt and un button top buttons of a shirt, smoking cigarettes and others. This kinds of behaviors normally turn off clients. You lose sales that could yield more referrals.

  9. Lack of interest in houses and property.
  10. Some realtors lack interest in property and don not improve their job. To succeed on a job, you need to love what you do and the concepts that will be sold to clients. That research and motivation will mean you are interested in the client choices and a good relationship is established.

  11. delaying Communication channels.
  12. Keeping the clients and you opening up communication channels is so important. Failure o keep updating the client on the search or sale of his choice leads to doubts. Trying so much to keep your emergency communication channels like picking up the phone is crucial.

  13. Poor follow up after a sale.
  14. It’s so important that you keep a relationship going and keep checking me. Imagine you helped me sale my property and I moved to Africa, I get friends who want to settle to my former home area. Who is the real estate agent I recommend? You are my first priority. Keep connected.

  15. Having to pay commission.
  16. We clients feel secure when there is no third party in our transaction. Having an agent take up my 3% of my sales feels uncomfortable. Unless the client is used to the policy and finds your role so important in the transactions but some clients often put up posters for sale by themselves. Some clients have a good perception about real estate agents.

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