The best tips to succeed as real estate agent involve taking carefully on the agent duties in real estate with better management scheme and disciplines. Agents with consistent hard work and love for the job are more admired.

These tips below will help you advance in your career and all welfare such as financial stability. Getting more clients incrementing the pay cheque leads to happy more smiles

tips to succeed as a real estate agent

Network. Building strong relationships and to expand your sphere of influence to build your client base. The objectives of Area Uganda were to improve, train and teach agents on how to establish relationships for a bigger market base.

Proper management of contact. Managing prospects is a more to take care of the property owners and buyers. The management will depend on different aspects like time to meet or call, the language to be used, where to meet and discuss their interests.

Focus on providing consultancy services. It’s better to provide services which don’t make you so needy. Real estate agents normally are so pushy in client faces because they want the purchase to happen there and then.

Have a budget. The smart agents will sit down and write down the business and home expenses. This will create a breathing space in that after a transaction, the agent settles his priority budget expenses. This keeps him going as he awaits the more best deals with out economic pressure.

Get professional training. Area –Uganda was designed to provide all agents with basic training for job executions. Such as writing emails to clients about some good listed property will make you stand out of the other agents. Using website to have property listed will earn you more than you think.

Improve your professional image. A professional image is the way and how you execute business. How you dress, how you talk, eye contact. A 40 day self-development program will improve you as a man and will put you out as outstanding for businesses.

Develop a business plan to execute. When you join the real estate as an agent. Sit down and map what the market needs, what niche is underserved, where do you feel so interested, how are things in the market like what is the hot cake of each season. Know when to find such property in seasons like Christmas where vacation rentals are hyped due to tourists.

Duties of the Real estate agent

  1. Gathers information about properties to be sold or leased. A real estate agent is like a database for all properties on sale. They have to access multiple property listings so as to be well equipped
  2. Usually a property manager facilitates negotiations with tenants and owners on rents and fees. Managing a property will come with attached responsibilities. If the real estate property you are managing has tenants. All responsibility will be carried on to the manager starting from security systems to collecting rent money.
  3. Ensures the availability of workers to perform maintenance. In case of improvements or renovations, the property manager will have to supervise as one of his duty
  4. Advises sellers on how they can make their properties more attractive. The property agent also has the capacity to advise the sellers how to improve
  5. Presents purchase offers to sellers for consideration e to buyers
  6. The property manager also inspects properties before, during and after tenancies. Property managers have to report back to the owner so in case of need to renovate for new tenants.
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  7. Compares similar properties in the area in order to determine fair and competitive market prices. The real estate agent will relate values to sold similar property in the same area to evaluate the prices for the seller

Objectives of Area Uganda For Real Estate Agents

The objectives of the association among others are:

  1. To unite those engaged in the recognized branches of the real estate profession.
  2. To promote and maintain high standards of conduct in the real estate profession as expressed in the Code of Ethics of the Association of Real Estate Agents Uganda.
  3. To be a voice of the real estate sector regarding its relation with government and other stakeholders. .
  4. To organize meetings and activities for members. .
  5. To further the interest of home and other real property ownership. .
  6. To provide its members with an up-to-date information in estate market developments and matters of concern to the association. .
  7. To advise members on education and technological developments. .

succeeding as a real estate agent does not take so much, if you are able to implement the tips provided in the article consistently. The home owners and buyers will consider you as a more elevated agent and the more business you accumunlate the more worthy in the pockets. Lets recap the tips here below

  1. Develop a business plan to execute.
  2. Get professional training.
  3. Have a budget.
  4. Network.
  5. Improve your professional image.
  6. Focus on providing consultancy services.
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