Prices of floor and walls tiles 2023.

Tile prices vary from different manufacturers and how durable some tiles are more than the others, let's say that also long lived brands have managed to keep up with the good stuff and that means they will dictate the price of the tiles they produce.

However, public questions asked about why is this tile expensive than the other but the consumption of tiles may not give you the right answer, if you do not take your time to get to know how this style is made from the other and how to differentiates from the others, how is it going to be used effectively, how is it installed, such questions will give you the right answer.

Tiles that are installed in places with less traffic and naturally weaker than tiles and that must be installed in places that have more traffic, another factor is that some tiles have to be placed in positions where they do not contact to water and others can do fine with water. bathrooms and kitchens are the areas where such tiles are observed.

Uganda has factories that manufacture tiles after the import some raw materials from abroad this style stations include manufacturers of Goodwill tiles and twyford tiles.These companies have helped reduce the prices of tiles compared to the imported ones.

In this article, we cover the types, subcategories and prices of tiles from various manufactures such ceramic, marble, plastic, goodwill, porcelain, roofing tiles, granite, pvc, Spain, roman, twyford, glass tiles, natural stone tiles and tiles suitable for wall or bathroom and many more.

How much do tiles cost in Uganda? And how much is tile adhesive? These are questions that are always asked by home builders, contractors, researchers. We have addresses almost 60% prices of the present tiles on the market today.

Steps to calculate how many tiles you need to floor a square meter in your house has also been covered in this article.

List of tile prices in Uganda 2023

Ceramic tiles price list ranges from :28000 – 56000

Twyford tiles price list ranges from :23000 – 30000

Goodwill tiles price list ranges from :25000 – 35000

Marble tiles price list ranges from :120000 – 500000

Stone tiles price list ranges from :45000 -120000

Glass tiles price list ranges from :101500-906500

Porcelain tiles price list ranges from :40000 – 120000

Roman Roofing tiles price list ranges from :1600 -3000 depending on size

Mosaic tiles price list ranges from :60000 – 1000000

Granite tiles price list ranges from :25000 -120000

Plastic PVC tiles price list ranges from :70000 – 250000

tiles adhesive price list ranges from :15000 – 70000

what is the cost of 1 tile?

The average cost of 1 tile on the market is calculated by dividing the cost amount of the box by the number of tiles. For example bathroom tiles are 28000 divide by 12 which will be 2333 rounded to cost 2400 -3000 per piece.

Are tiles expensive(ceramic, marble, glass, porcelain, wood and stone)

Are tiles expensive? of course this is a question to be answered by the market price for the consumers. more consumers will ask which time is more expensive than the other, are glass tiles expensive?, are marble tiles, ceramic, stone, glass and many others expensive. We address the prices of each tile in the market to keep you informed which one you would select.

Types and Prices of tiles in uganda 2023.

Ceramic tiles and prices

How Much Does Ceramic Tile Cost?

Price of a ceramic tile box ranges between :28000 - 56000

size of tiles: 12*!2, 16*!6 and 18*18 inches or 400* 400mm, 600 * 600mm, 800 * 800mm

used for: floors and walls

Ceramic tiles made from clay mix, shaped by pressing, dried, and fired at high temperatures. Glazing is optional. Advantages: durable, cost-effective, water-resistant. Disadvantages: costly installation, can crack, slippery when wet, limited size

Price of Twyford tiles

twyford tiles

twyford tiles are brands of ceramic tiles manufactured in Uganda. They have the same full advantages just like the above ceramic tiles.

How Much Does Twyford Ceramic Tile Cost?

Price of a twyford tile box ranges between :23000 - 30000

size of twyford tiles: 12*!2, 16*!6 and 18*18 inches

Good will tile price in uganda.

good will tiles are also brands of ceramic tiles manufactured in uganda. They have the same full advantages just like the above ceramic tiles. Packed with 12 tiles in a box

How Much Does good will Tile Cost?

Price of a good will tile box ranges between :25000 - 35000

size of good will tiles: 400*400mm and 600* 600mm 12 pieces in a box

how much does good will wall tiles?

good will wall tiles cost range from 30000 to 40000 in uganda on different outlets

How many tiles are in a box of good will?

A box of good will tiles consists of 12 pieces of 16*16 inch square tiles

What are Spanish tiles called and how are they made?

Spain is the country that made them, and both Spanish and Italian tiles have their own distinct qualities, so it depends on personal preference. Spanish tiles, or "azulejos," are handcrafted using traditional techniques.

Which country made España tiles?Spain is renowned for its rich history of tile-making, with notable production centers including Seville and Valencia.

Which tiles are better Spanish or Italian? Both Spanish and Italian tiles offer unique styles and benefits, but Spanish tiles are more durable and sustainable.

Marble tiles and prices

How much is a box of marble real tiles in Uganda?

Price of marble stones/ stones ranges from : 120000 - 500000

size of tiles: 16* 16 inch to large

used on: floors and walls

Marble tiles extracted from quarries using specialized equipment, sliced into slabs, cut into tiles, and polished. Price varies by quality, size, and quantity. Advantages: natural beauty, durability. Disadvantages: expensive, prone to scratching and staining, require maintenance.

Where are Marble tiles used?

Marble tiles are designed for floor and wall depending on the size and thickness. Marble tiles can be mostly used in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, counter tops, walls and many others

the price of the marble stone highly depends on the origin or country of the stone and manufactures brand popularity.

Natural stone tiles and prices

How much is are stone tiles in Uganda?

Price of a stone slates and facial faces ranges from : 45000 -120000

size of tiles: variety of sizes

used on: walls and floors

Natural stone tiles extracted from quarries, cut into thin squares. Made of granite, marble, slate, limestone, and other stone. Pricing based on rarity, quality, finish, origin, and manufacturing process.

Advantages: durable, natural beauty, unique patterns, and colors. Disadvantages: expensive, maintenance, staining, and sealing.

uses of stone tiles: floor, outdoor, wall, bathroom and fire place

quality facial tiles and price

facial tiles
How much is are facial tiles in Uganda?

Price 38000 -70000

size of tiles: A variety of size slates

used for : exterior walls against water

spain tiles and price

spain tiles
How much is are spain tiles in Uganda?

Price 57000

size of tiles: 45* 45 metre

used for : interior and exterior floor

Marseilles tiles and price

marseilles tiles
How much is are marseilles tiles in Uganda?

Price 3300 per piece

size of tiles: 16 pieces per square feet

used for : exterior floor

top counter tiles and price

counter top tiles
How much is are top counter tiles in Uganda?

Price 140000

size of tiles: 1 piece

used for : kitchen counter floor

Swimming pool tiles and price

swimming pool  tiles
How much is are swimming pool tiles in Uganda?

Price 65000

size of tiles: per box

used for : swimming pool wall and floor

Granite tiles and prices

How much is are granite tiles in Uganda?

Price of granite tiles:25000 -120000

size of tiles: A variety of size slates

used for : floor & walls

Granite tiles made by cutting slabs into various sizes. Composed of feldspar, quartz, and mica. Pros: Durable, scratch-resistant, natural patterns. Cons: Expensive, heavy, difficult installation. Popular for high-traffic areas, a long-lasting flooring option

leading producers of granite tiles are Philippines and Italy on markets. Granite tiles also have a variety of colors.

Glass tile prices with a mosaic blend

Use of square and transparent Glass tiles: commonly on floors with less traffic due to its delicate features. They are used for floor, craft wall and for kitchen

Porcelain tiles and prices

how much are porcelain floor and wall tiles

Price of a porcelain tile box: 40000 - 120000

size of tiles: range from 3 * 6 – 12* 12 inch

used on: floors & walls

Porcelain tiles are made from a mix of natural materials, pressed under high pressure, and then fired at high temperatures to create a hard, dense surface.

They are known for their durability, resistance to moisture, and come in a variety of colors and patterns. However, they can be more expensive and difficult to install compared to other tile types.

Mosaic tile prices

mosaic tiles are priced from :60000 - 1000000

size of tiles: a variety of dimensions

used in : used on walls like bathroom walls, kitchen walls, tv wall area and exterior walls

Mosaic tiles are small tiles, typically less than 2 inches in size, that are arranged in a pattern or design to create a larger surface area. The tiles are usually made from materials such as ceramic, glass, stone, or metal, and they come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and finishes.

Mosaic tiles can be used for a variety of purposes, including as decorative accents on walls, floors, and backsplashes, as well as in pools, spas, and other water features, television areas, columns.

Mosaic tiles remain a popular choice for adding color and texture to interior and exterior spaces.

Plastic PVC tiles

how much are pvc tiles

Price of a plastic pvc tile box: 70000 - 250000

size of tiles:3*6 – 8*8

Did you know that plastic PVC tiles are taking the flooring world by storm? PVC is melted, injected into molds, textured or printed, cooled, and trimmed.

Pros: lightweight, durable, easy to install. Cons: can release toxic chemicals when burned, may not be as eco-friendly as other materials.

Tile adhesive and price list

how much is tile adhesive?

Price of tile adhesive : 15000-70000

Tile adhesive is a pre mixture of cement and thinner components, used in installing tiles to the floor or wall. Thinner or mastic set adhesive uses a larger portion of thinner compared to cement which makes it lighter for tiles on walls and Ground level plus buildings.

how to mix powder tile adhesive? Tile adhesive may come already mixed in glue form or powder form. For the powder form: Pour the adhesive powder into clean water and mix thoroughly to a smooth consistency. Follow manufacturer's instructions for mixing ratio and drying time.

does tile adhesive bond to concrete? Yes, as long as you clear off all contaminants like dust, small particles before bonding together.

How many tiles are in a box?

most manufacturers have unique number of tiles in boxes, this policy is due to the different weights and dimensions of tiles. However, we have witnessed ceramic tiles to have a common practice of packing 12 tile pieces

how much are bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles cost in a range of 28000 ugx to 250000 ugx depending on the manufacturer, material and size. Bathroom tiles are commonly manufactured of materials like ceramic, stones, porcelain, glass among others.

however, slippery accidents due to wet conditions, we advise home owners to be more selective in a rough texture finishing on the tiles to control accidents around wet areas.

Price of tiles per square foot

Assume the price of tiles ball square foot is easy to calculate for example if you have a tile that has a dimension of 4x4 this time will be able to cover 16 Square ft. if this tile box costs ugx20,000. a box will contain 12 pieces. divide 20000 by pieces. The cost of one tile is ugx1700 and this tile covers 16 square ft. so we divide 1700/ 16= 107. The cost of tile one square foot is 107 Shillings.

however, the costs of boxes of tiles very in prices from the more expensive that are durable to the cheaper ones that are not durable so the formula above will help you determine the cost to tile per square foot.

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