Price of building materials in Uganda 2022/2023.

A list of all building materials in Uganda 2022 is not turning back due to the effects of scarcity of raw materials and those who do not need raw materials are complaining of fuel prices.

Effects of the price fluctuations have led to halt of ongoing building constructions because the site owners had different budgets before the inflation. This stresses out construction site workers that depend on the jobs for survival.

List of construction material prices in 2022

Item price range in UGX
Brick 300 each - 250000 for an Elf truck
Sand 120000 – 130000 per trip
Aggregate Elf trip 170000 per trip
Cement 34000-40000 per bag
Steel bars 40000-45000 per piece
Binding wire 8000 per roll
Lumber timber 3500- 4000 per piece
Nails 25ksg
Polythene Damp Proof 4000
Roof 49200-85000 more types of roof
Paint 300000 per bucket
ceiling wire mesh 45000 rol
Plywood 30000 per piece

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How much is a trip of sand in Elf truck?

In Uganda 1 trip of sand is costing 130000. But this generally is according to areas where the sand is packed in public centers. If the sand is not stocked, you might experience higher prices due to long distances for pick up, this is faced in areas with less population and low infrastructure developments.

How much is a truck of stones in Uganda?

An Elf truck of stones normally costs around 200000 ugx in most developed areas of Uganda, finding it at 150000 in less developed areas. And a truck of elf aggregate costs 150000 in most areas of the country. Uganda is has got natural resources including stones which curbs down the prices compared to exported products.

How much is a trip of bricks in Uganda?

A trip of clay bricks on an Elf truck is priced between 150000-200000 ugx depending on where it’s going and how the brick quality is. In the process of preparing the bricks, the clay matters and how well they are burnt. If the processes go well the brick will find a slight added value compared to the vice versa of others affected.

How much is a bag of cement?

How much is cement in Uganda now?A bag of cement price in 2023 is in arrange of 35000 to 45000 due to power black out on local factories, cement prices have gone throuugh the roof (hima, tororo, kampala and simba)

Will building material prices go down in 2023?

Are building materials still increasing in 2023? we observed 25% increase on all construction materials in 2023. Effects of the covid pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine hiking fuel. The real answer is prices are inflating day by day.

The rising price of all building materials like sand that is not imported is due to fuel prices hiking day and night, imagine what will be the price of an export. I hope you understand the logic which is unpredicted like when will the pandemic effect end and economies thrive back or when will the Russian invasion halt fully.

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Elf truck load of sand

In Uganda, this Isuzu Elf 0f 1989 is a brand that we normally use to estimate how much of a material quantity we need, these trucks are available in every corner around the country. Normally they charge a onetime fee including material cost, transport, loading and offloading.

transportation of building materials to construction sites is mainly achieved by these Elf trucks around the country and Sino trucks which are not widely spread yet. If you wish to calculate how much materials you want transport, calculate according to the Elf capacity./p>

What is the size of an Elf truck?

The size of an Elf truck overall length 4,690 mm, width 1,690 mm, height 1,990 mm and complete weight when empty is 1,540 kg. it‘s load capacity is not exceeding 4 tones. This weight is the standard weight recommended to keep the truck in good mechanical condition.

It can carry 3 cubic meter (m3) of sand. An Elf truck can carry a maximum of 3 cubic meter (m3) of sand, gravel, soil or anything you want to load into it. It's a measurement of volume.
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