How to make money in Real Estate in Uganda

How to make money in Real Estate in Uganda

Real estate in Uganda is a growing business due to the 3.2% of the growing population. The housing sector is growing currently at a precentage of 4.5% and the number of investors in real estate sector are less to handle the demand.

people normally ask:is real estate business profitable? the answer is yes the profit margin of real estate business is high and the growth line is accelerating.

70% of the finest ways in increasing revenue in real estate is through increasing value of property. Developing property to the standards of people choices and create market where you will own the biggest shares due to the interest of the people. This gives the investing team a chance to double up on the profits by at least 60%.
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Making money with Real Estate investment

For years one of the sectors than has been considered to be valuable for centuries has been investing real estate. In Uganda, a few guidelines of the law favor investors but however the more aggressive and educated Ugandans have invaded the old styles by investing on large property and forming Investment groups to make billions from the small capital cash from all shareholders.

Real Estate money is accumulating.

Real estates are mostly organized by groups of people that decide to invest due to particular reasons like a passive source of income, families that decide to increase property standards and many more other reasons based on beliefs. Real estate is considered as investing in buildings for accommodation or commercial purposes. Purchasing and improving with the resources like buildings and other land holdings like swimming pools, fences and many others. A real estate could be considered as purchasing a planned home for a specific purpose and renting out some rooms like Arnb.

Ways to add value to an existing land and property

How to add value to an existing land and property defers on different assets and the target of the audience you expect. For example near by the shores of a lake, most of the clients will appreciate a land with a view. As one adds value to an existing property, consider what people will want and expect from there.

  • Another way one could invest in real estate is through yearly land inflation. A yearly land inflation means one could buy property in 2020 and by 2030 that piece of land could cost 2 times the price with him not adding value but leveraging time.
  • Another way of investing in real estate is to construct planned houses from a cheap plot and construct people’s dreams, it might be cheap to buy a plot with no property on it hence reduction in costs but with a big margin of profits.
  • Joining the real estate investment groups. Such groups can be found in banks and other organized insurance companies. The margin profit at hand is large but has got a high entry point because the shares are divided according to your buying power. Such investments usually when organized well can conquer.
  • Another fine method used to invest in real estate is called flipping a property. The buyer purchases the property and renovates it according to an appreciated value and sells it off in a short while with large margin profits.

Forms of incomes from real estate investments

  • Renting out land for income.

    Owners of land can be paid rent cash because land is used in production. For example people who do not have enough land for farming in Uganda are renting out land to produce yields as expected.

  • Rental units

    Uganda has had a population of people living in rental houses and pay cash to the landlord. Making things a bit cheaper than constructing your own home. Major targets for land developers is to create homes for people living in towns because of the increasing congestion.

  • Vacation units

    Airbnb has introduced a good formulae that the world has appreciated, a family will register to have a room rent it out a night to a foreigner/tourist at a fixed price. This has become a way for majority people to get in real estate profits. It’s easy fun has got no pressure

Factors to consider when investing in real estate

  • Property Location.

    Before selecting a prospect, location is areas for different purposes. The property you want to acquire and flip back to the buyer as with good profit margin should be strategically located. These areas should have such.

    Roads. A property connecting to a main road has got a high chance of high sale price. Real estate agencies have come up with developed plans before they execute their developments in towns.

    Security. A property that is in a secure or safe place will always be valuable with or without good developments. Each one of the buyer is sure that the property he purchases is secure at all costs and that assures him a peace of mind.

  • Property valuation.

    Valuing assets from where they are found gives you a good plan on how to invest. A Surb of a town cannot be highly valuable like a property in a town. What comes to mind when doing business in a out skirts of a town is not to purchase beyond a certain price.

  • Area planning

    So important on real estate because town councils have gazette. The fact that some areas are planned for business and others for homesteads and industrial parks, swamps and wet lands cannot be used for different purposes. As a real estate developer, it’s better to find out the purpose of land before developing because in the long run it will affect your business

  • Profit opportunities

    it is of good to calculate how big your leverage is on some businesses because the risk one integrates in such companies is too big for him to target a small goal. This economy of real estate is a bit expensive meaning that one should sketch all opportunities on a property

  • Low cost on leverage loans

    Knowing how to acquire loans on long time projects gives the investor better schemes to use while we he borrows to invest. Let’s say the owner expects to sell off the flipped property on a season based market, one could give himself the scheme of long term loans because such a market could find a hindrance or use money from his circle.

  • Your credit score

    Before one decides to invest in a project, budgeted and ready incomes should be ready on site and the investor should be able to run all phases in a project so as to be delivered on time. The financial status quo is so important in every business that needs capital to execute.
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  • Rules of Real estate investment group

    Kindly note how the real estate investment group regulates property and policies on how and when they hit targets. Most of the real estate investment groups have got to follow there constitution rules on how you become a member, how you upgrade to the next level and how they execute business on a daily basis and lastly how profits are shared.

  • The real estate market

    Study how the real estate market fluctuates. Continue to monitor prices for homes, malls, villas, country homes and many other factors. Consider how much profit is acquired with time as a factor. Consider to talk to brokers who are good at the job a see how fit your sales could sky rocket. In short try to discover the hidden metrics in the game.
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