How To Make Exterior Windows Look Better

You can make your exterior window look better all times and low cheap costs like adding in some extra features as the points below with imagery from different perspectives.

This same technic can enable you answer a frequent question of How to make exterior windows appear larger? just by adding some extra designs towards the windows, it will create contrast making the house better. Let’s dive in the points of making windows look better.

Exterior window casing ideas

Shutters For Window Treatments

window with shutter

Shutters on the sides of the window create contrast like the image above, if shutters are taken out of the picture, we will see a window which is small and not well designed because there is no contrast directing our attention like shutters.

Roller Shades As Window Treatments(living room roller blind)

window with a roller blind

Roller shades may be seen as a cover for the windows but they create a bit of more darkness on the house which will help you direct the vision to good looking windows.

Curtns Are A Classic Window Treatment(living room curtains)
window with curtain

Curtains inside give a different transparent preview. Take a notice of a white wall having a brown color shining in a spot brings your eyes to attention.

Window with a Flower Box

window with a flower box

Flowers start from good scent provision then mature and produce good looking leaves which will hold the shape of the window to be unique and together create a good view sport. The sun shines and the germinating flow almost will take the lower parts in it’s own design. Just let the colors roll.

Add a thicker frame.

window with  a thicker frame

Frames that are thicker not thin when painted make the most out of a wall appearance. Just look at this dark brown flame and see how good it creates contrast on the wall and then the flower lights the red color.
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