A real estate license is used for one year and is needed to be renewed. Licensee is a person holding a current license of operation and a former license in a division.

Real estate services are buying, selling, exchanging, leasing and otherwise but these must be done by a Real Estate agent with a current license. In case the agent does not have the requirements, this could lead the agent to lose the commission fee or reward. Also a suspended license is not eligible to carry out any business as real estate agent.

Steps To Acquire A Real Estate License In Uganda

Research state minimum requirements. The minimum requirements of state are issued by the commissioner guidelines to the applicants of different states will include:

  1. Age above 18.
  2. An education level certificate of ordinary level. .
  3. Permanent residency in the state of the license application.
  4. Criminal background check.

Complete the education requirements minimum requirements. The state commissioner or division sets a minimum level of education course for the applicant as a measure of dropping of the unqualified and non-experienced personnel.

Complete your real estate training. A set criteria for training new applicants in the field of real estate. The commissioner may require you to train with a well-established Real estate agency to help the applicant gain experience.

Apply for the real estate license exam. As an applicant to the Real Estate business, you are required by the commissioner to sit Real Estate Agent exams that will test your capability and provision of a full year license. This exam is normally coordinated by AREA-U annually.

Pass your state licensing exam. After passing the licensing exam, By ensuring that you’re adequately prepared for the exam, your chances of passing are much higher than if you guessed your way through the test. Completion of the tests, apply for the license from the commissioner of the state.

Finding a real estate brokerage agency. Joining the big agencies and being hired to work for brokers will increase your experience. Normally first time entrants will be given easier tasks to learn on the job as to acquire expertise in well-organized organizations, they are paid.

Register with Area-Uganda. If possible as new agent, try to join Area-Uganda where the training and registration of agents takes place. This provides you with a ton of networking and business opportunities.

Renew your license annually. Do not forget to renew your license. An expired license commissioned by the commissioner could lead matters to escalate to the Tribunal.

How long does it take to get a real estate license?

12 weeks. The division commissioner of the state you apply for the license is offered a time frame of 12 weeks to have responded a feedback to the applicant. The application can either be a success or reject the application in 6 weeks.

Where do I take my Real Estate licensing exam?

Real Estate Institute of East Africa (REIEA) under the management of Area-Uganda would be your best institution for licensing if you are located around and is recognized at a national and East African level. The annual trainings are free and as a starting sales person, one can easily take up the one training session annually.

How much does a real estate license cost?

Free trainings that happen at Area-Uganda by Real Estate Institute of East Africa (REIEA) and exams for the courses like property management, brokerage management, property development and many others on an annual basis.

Real estate license courses in Uganda?

Area-Uganda is one of leading home institutions giving the best services and training in Uganda. AREA-Uganda has been in existence for 13 years. During this time the Association whose main goal is to improve the real estate business in Uganda has made and continues to make a number of milestones.

Now have the Real Estate Institute of East Africa that continues to train our members to be professional in their businesses. An M.O.U between the Association and Uganda Management Institute (UMI) has been operational and a new one has been signed between the Association and Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and trainings have already taken place.

How to become registered with AREA-U?

AREA-U is open to all brokers, regardless of their experience or skillset willing to invest in their education and development. If you are interested in becoming a real estate broker.

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