How Many Iron Sheets To Roof A 3 Bedroom House In 2022?

Estimate 60- 69 roof sheets to roof a 3 bedroom house depending on the medium house size.

Estimate 130-144 rafter trusses for holding a roof hip. Timber of any type recommended by the roofer

Estimate 25kgs of nails (15 kgs of timber nails and 10kgs of roof nails)

This small 3 bedroom house consists of living room with a dining space, kitchen, 3 bedrooms (1 master bedroom) and one other bathroom publically accessed.

The cost of roofing of a 3 bedroom house in Uganda.

The cost of roofing of a 3 bedroom house in Uganda is 5,302,000 for materials and 530200 for labor.

Roof sheet in Uganda prices range between 45000-90000. Let’s take 55000 *69 sheet=3,975,000.

Rafter timber for the house truss cost 8000 per piece. 8000*144= 1152000

25 kgs of nails at 7000 per kg. 7000*25=175000

Labor for roofing 10% - 15% of the material cost. 10% of 5302000 is 530200

current prices: types of tiles and prices, list of roof produccts and prices. and list of cement products and price in Uganda

Roofing Cost of a 3 Bedroom House Calculation.

Let’s dive in the depth of roofing cost of a 3 bedroom house calculation. How do you calculate the number of iron sheets on a roof? find the square footage of the roof of a 3 bedroom house. Let’s add one room of from our previous example of costs to build a 2 bedroom house .

Our 2 small bedroom house was accounted to use 39 corrugated roof sheets having a square footage of 648 sq. ft. dimensions were 24ft *27ft. which if we add one bedroom could become 750sq ft.- 900sq ft. 900 sq. ft. divide by sq. ft. of a roof sheet.

Before that there is roof overlapping, deduct 1 ft. from the base and 1.5ft from the length making a dimension of 2ft*6.5ft. We sure to use this is the exact roof usage on every sheet. 13 sq. ft. of a roof sheet is used.

Divide the sqft of entire roof by the sq ft of the roof sheet.

900/ 13.= 69 metal sheets.

Comfortable roof sheets to use in Uganda are super eco, super tile, versatile, bamboo tile and many others from roofing’s limited, Uganda baati, royal roofing, kiboko mabaati and others.

What is the cost of the roof?

The cost of a roof sheet is in a range of 35000-90000 in 2022 in Uganda. The roof gauges matter and the types of roof finishing like the smooth and rough.

What is the size of the iron sheet?

Iron sheets in Uganda are on a dimension of 3ft base and 8 ft length. Iron sheets vary in different countries where there are more manufacturers where a client or home owner can provide required roof dimensions for manufacturing.

How many corrugated sheets do I need?.

Find how many corrugated sheets you need by dividing the roof square footage by the square footage of the house. After getting the answer add an extra 15% of the answer to get how many corrugated sheets you need.

30 iron sheet house.

A 30 iron sheet house should have a roof footage not more than 550sq ft- 600sq ft. The roof in most cases may have a pitch rise almost to 6/12 pitches.

To be on a safe side consider the size of a house around 500sq ft. these iron sheets may be inadequate to roof a 3 bedroom house unless very small sized built rooms.

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