How many iron sheets for a two bedroom house

corrugated iron sheets for 2 bedroom house

Calculating how many iron sheets for a two bedroom house. Remember our dimensions of the house are length is 23ft and width is 20 ft. and add a top roof tip of 6ft above the ceiling and 2 feet beyond the house. Find the area of the square foot of the house. This answer when provided to the supplier for roofing materials, they know how to do the math.

How many roof sheets for a 2 bedroom house

32 Corrugated sheets will cover a total roof square footage of 648 sq ft . Corrugate iron covers 24 sq ft in Uganda. 120 lumber timber estimated for 35mm standard roof truss we shall also account for a 2 bedroom house roof truss

In Metric System of roof square to build a 2 bedroom house.

23 ft. + 4 ft. on left and right= 27ft.

20ft width + 4 ft. on left and right = 24 ft.

We want ridges on both sides bringing triangles

Lets find the area of 2 triangles then 2 trapezoids





Find the median of the base line =27ft + a ridge of 15ft divide by 2 to get the median of the brown line


Area of the trapezoid= height*median



There are 2 trapezoid and triangles

So multiply each by 2 to get total

Total square footage 144+504=648

Divide total square footage by 100

648 roofing square root

648/100=6.48 squares

Divide this by the square root foot of the iron sheets you have decided to use. For this example, I may decide to go with corrugated iron sheets (3*8) ft.

How many corrugated metal sheets do in need?

Firstly, find out dimensions of corrugated sheets, let’s 3*8 in Uganda, and finally multiply them to get the square root. Total roof square footage divided by the square footage of the one metal sheet to find how many panels you need.

The 648 roof square root divide by the square root of the roof panel dimensions equaling 27 corrugated panels.

How many bundles of shingles are in one roof square footage?

One bundle of shingles works on a roof footage. One bundle contains 3 pieces off shingles that cover a roof square.

we have got 6.48 squares with a round off making it 7 square. Multiply by 3 pieces of shingles that cover a roof square= 21 pieces of shingle plus a 15% more shingles can roof our house completely

How much roof does a square cover?

In the roofing industry, a one roof square is estimated to cover 100 square feet. So getting the square footage of a roof and dividing it by 100 gives you roof squares. For example 1000 sq ft of roof footage is divided by 100 to get 10 squares.

What are the different types of roofing materials?

Roofing materials to consider for your house include metal roofing, asphalt shingles, rolled roofing, wood shingle, concrete tiles, slay shingles, built up roofing, clay tile, membrane roofing and ecofriendly green roof.

Types of roofing sheets.

Remember: types of tiles and prices, list of roof products and prices. and list of cement products and price in Uganda

  1. Metal roofing sheets. Are manufactured from inc, aluminum, copper and many others. They are durable. They are locally used here in Uganda and have different designs making beautiful scenes. Here in Uganda, they are used multipurpose for almost all structures.
  2. Plastic roofing sheets. These roofs are made of plastic and are not commonly used in Uganda due less resistance to harsh climate. The plastic roofing is not long lasting and therefore is not good for structure roofing’s although less costly.
  3. Polycarbonate roofing sheets. These are foam backed polycarbonate or clear polycarbonate. They are usually used for industrial buildings or commercial buildings. They normally last for more than 20 years because they are of a good gauge compared to other types but a bit more costly compared to others.
  4. Corrugated roofing sheets. These normally last for 5 to 10 years. Usually used for protecting garage, gardens and porches from the sun.

Which roofing color is best?

Lighter colors tend to favor by reflecting the heat, fade a little from the exposure of sun. These colors include gray, tans. They tend to decrease the intense heat from the house since they do not absorb too much sunshine.

Can you overlap roof sheets?

Yes, it can be overlapped at 50mm, valleys should be turned down on lower ends and vice versa. Normally it is advisable to start laying on the sheets from the endpoint of the house due to on top overlapping. The end point of the house being roofed is determined by the how the weather of a certain area is perceived to attack from especially the wind. The best recommendation for overlapping is 1.5 corrugations.

How much does a sheet of corrugate iron cover?

Corrugate iron covers 24 sq ft in Uganda. The dimensions of a metal roof is 3 * 8 or a bit higher for the Uganda national bureau of standards.

Rain gutter, roof tiles and dormer

What is the Basic sizing of a metal roof in Uganda?

The basic size of a metal roof is width 3ft -3.5ft and height 8-8.5ft. But this is different from other countries where the supplier offers the client a choice to specific dimensions.

How Many Shingles are in a Bundle?

3 shingles are in a bundle of shingles. A bundle includes enough shingles to cover a third of a square, therefore meaning you will need three bundles per roofing square.

How can i calculate the number of iron sheet i need to roof a house with a hip roof?

We start this discussion from different manufactures but first know your planned design of the house, length * width. For our example above is 23ft * 20ft. add 4ft on each dimension. Our total roof surface are is 729 sq. ft of roof.

Now fin the surface area for the total roof to cover by getting the roof sheet dimensions and subtract the overlapping distance off and multiply it with the length to get the total usage of the sheet on the brick. Corrugated roof dimensions are normally 8ft * 10ft. it’s time to subtract off 50mm as the overlap distance in gutters. Making 7.8ft*10ft. multiply them together to get net surface area of a roof to be used excluding gutter waste overlaps. Total number of square foot for every iron sheet = 24 sq ft sq. ft for every iron sheet.

Lastly, number of roof is = our total roof surface are is 729 sq. ft of roof divide Total number of square foot for every iron sheet.

648/24 sq ft =27 corrugated sheets.

Reminder: you are advised to add an extra 15% for wastage cutting, valleys and many other reasons.

15/100*27=4.5 makes 5

27 sheets + 5 sheets = 32 corrugated sheets

How much does a roof cost?

In Uganda, a 26 gauge roof is costing 13 USD in 2023. The current price may be due to inflation and high fuel prices generated by the consequences of the Ukraine war

Which sheet is best for a house?

Polycarbonate sheets are easy to install, weather proof resistant and durable. There maintenance cost is cheap and can come in different colors. They are backed by a colored foam. Making long lasting and weather proof resistant.

How many iron sheets are in a bundle?

24 pieces of sheets are in a bundle. but in uganda one can choose to buy one piece from a bundle for use. it in time is less expensive.

What is the standard size and gauge of metal roofing?

The common gauges of roof sheets are from 26, 24, 22, 29 and 30. 26 gauge is the most common roof sheet used on residential and commercial houses. The best gauges are seen as the least in number and for this example gauge 26 is taken to be the most expensive among others on the market.

How wide is a sheet of metal roofing?

3ft to 3.5 ft and 8 to 8.5 in Uganda but with the US it’s 36 inch and the height might vary accordingly to the requirement specification of the roof.

What is the length of aluminum roofing sheet?

Dimensions vary from 8ft - 10ft 10 -12 feet. This is the average size of aluminum polished roof you can also find 10ft, 12ft, 14ft and 16ft. depending on what structure is to be covered and what sheet is durable and affordable for the job.

How much is a square?

Depending on which country you come from, divide the price of a roof sheet with the number of roof sheets to see how much a square is. Our example is 13 USD/ 35 sheets = 0.371 USD for each square in Uganda. But for other countries which don’t use metal roof. Formulae is cost of particular roof type divide by how many roof sheets estimated.

Roof size 1000 square foot house.

You will need 49 iron sheets for 1000 sq ft

Using my corrugated iron sheet dimensions. Total number of square foot for every iron sheet = 76.752 sq. ft. for every iron sheet from my previous example. 1000 sq. ft. divide by 24 sq ft of the metal roof =42 metal iron sheets.

Add an extra 15% for wastage making 3 more sheets. Total sheets is 49 metal sheets.

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