Home building tips and tricks.

home building tips and tricks

I have daydreamed about my perfect house since i were in elementary school. But building the best house needs home building tips and tricks to overcome failures.

Home building tips and tricks.

I list down how my planned phases will be executed as below.

  • Plan Your Budget.
  • Choose you land and purchase.
  • Choose a house plan.
  • Select the contractor.

Plan Your Budget.

Develop a realistic idea of how much you can afford to spend and how much it will cost to build a new home. this time is to look at different elements of your new home will cost, including the land itself, the architect or designer, the general contractor who will manage the project, the construction materials, and appliances and interior features.

Choose you land and purchase.

Choose a rough estimate of land costs in the areas you are considering, work with the realtors around. Find out the zoning, drainage architectures and building codes allowed in the area. Not forgetting the types of the soil because they determine the consumption rate of materials. Select a surveyor to measure the land, when costs correlate with your budget, it’s time to think of owning the land.

Choose a house plan.

Use the help of a designer or architect to draw or find the best fit for your needs not forgetting comparing it with your budget plan and the size of land. Modifications can be done from the home plan by an architect or builder framing it to your needs and budget in case it was escalated.

Select the contractor.

My simple approach that will bring harmony is to contract one team leader (builder) and give him authority to select his team according to your budget. This approach saves you from supervision on site activities. The only focus you tend to have is deliver equipment and materials.

I Want To Build A House On My Land Where Do I Start?

As of the approach above simplified, someone will say I want to build a house on my land where do I start? I assume you drop out the second phase (choosing land and purchasing). Provide the land dimensions or size of plot for house planning to the architect.

Mistakes To Avoid When Building A House.

Picking the Wrong Home site.

Inspect a future home site in different time schedules, try to know what happens in the morning, the sun rise, the noise, the traffic and the same thing for lunch and evening hours. This will give you a great picture for how you will live in your future home.

In experienced home builder.

The biggest mistake is estimating costs on a first time project. Try to find builders or contractors through referrals, portfolios to enable you get experienced masters in the sector. You could also check references and read reviews.

Room organization.

I have observed some homes that have a kitchen after the living room. The living room next to the garage. The scenarios will have dirt from the garage through the living room to the kitchen. It means the oversight was not observed by the planners.

Bad quality materials for construction.

Remember your house is your dream, using materials that are not fit due to cutting corners in budget expenses might cause a mission to succeed fully. Builders will tend to lower the budget to adjust with your budget but poor results may happen.

When building a house what costs most in Uganda?

Framing (building bricks, plastering, floor leveling and painting). This is the highest cost when building a house in Uganda.

The price to build a house depends most on its location. This affects the cost of labor, materials and delivery as well as the price of the plot. Compare bids from local builders for the best price and quality of work.

What should I build first when building a house?

Consider leveling the land and constructing a firm foundation for the house. There is nothing like jumping to the roof without walls. House construction is a step by step, you can’t paint with no walls. Follow the orders.

When should I build a house?

You can build the house when you are ready to finance your land acquisition costs and construction expenses. Those are the top main priorities when it comes to a house construction. Build a house with ready resources as planned. Note to remind plan for the underestimated materials and expected delays.

Home building insurance.

Find an insurance company that can sustain your development incase anything goes wrong like collapsing buildings. It is advisable for any home owner to take insurance for his property due to natural disasters.

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