Games Real Estate Agents Play With Buyers

games real estate agents play with buyers

Why Do Real Estate Agents Lie? Yes they do but we believe in being transparent and delivering results. Dishonesty is the reason to why real estate has had long bad reputation. We believe to be the most common lies that real estate agents tell are used in the real estate industry by greedy, dishonest and unethical real agents.

These are the top dirty tricks used by real estate agents:

Showing You Properties Based on the Commission.

Influencing properties on listings by the commission being offered by the seller when showing potential buyers. Any property that has less commission compared to the other is their primary interest to sell so agents use top dirty tricks used by real estate agents.

Rolling back the post date.

Some properties take a long time on the MLS listing. These properties normally do not pick people’s interest. Then the smart real estate agent will slightly tweak the info by reposting the property on the listing to renew its date and keep value. So this can be used to manipulate a buyer to buy such damaged or poor conditioned property.

Greedy Double Agent playing tricks on Property Listings.

Dishonest and greedy real estate agents play a game of not posting some property on the MLS. At the end they complete both sides of the transaction and take both halves of the commission. They smartly pocket the double commission.

Lies Real Estate Agents Tell Buyers.

most agents may also play top dirty tricks used by real estate agents to clients about different issues as below.

Inflated prices.

Sales are based on commissions, so it’s technically in the interest of a real estate agent to sell a property for as much money as possible. Some Real estate greedy agents are always trying to play the greedy game to benefit a higher commission from the buyer

false experience back ground.

Unethical tricks of a realtor may have no experience in the industry, this requires you as the client to check on the past clients in person or check the online reviews to know how they have handles business.

Less knowledge on the area.

Unethical realtor behaviors are signing up clients with less knowledge about the area the client is interested. Gaining some knowledge starting from the prices to client interest in location is very crucial and willingly get help from your fellows.

Lies on commission fee.

After all, commissions are how agents make their livings. Lying to a client that your commission is not negotiable is a wrong act. Most of the commission fees should be negotiable.

False buyers.

Lying about multiple offers. This lie normally puts the buyer at a fast pace to make a quick biased decision on the fact that they need the property not to be taken by the false buyer.

Underrating property.

some unethical realtor behaviors are to deliberately lower prices to attract as many buyers as possible to a property. Sellers often assume that the elevated pricing is due to a hot market or a bidding war.

Not a registered agent.

Registered real estate agents have a code of ethics to follow; failure to do this might lead to the cancellation of their membership. But not all trustworthy agents choose to register with national organizations leading to top dirty tricks used by real estate agents.

How to tell if a real estate agent is lying

How tell if a real estate agent is lying or doing unethical practices in your transaction or property search.

  1. negative body language displayed by the responding agent reaveals top dirty tricks used by real estate agents .
  2. Check the sales prices of recent comparable properties in the neighborhood to your property.

check out the Real Estate Agents bill 2013
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