Producing 1 metric tonne of blue bar soap(Sabuni bururu benefits)

 blue soap making

Producing a massive amount of blue soap, especially 1 metric ton, involves an intricate process requiring thorough planning, precise ingredient measurement, and meticulous execution. To navigate this significant production, we provide a step by step to follow on producing the blue bar soap. From gathering the essential ingredients, oils, alkali, and water to ensuring the necessary equipment and safety measures, the comprehensive breakdown covers it all.

All processes from the preparation of the lye solution, blending the oils, achieving trace, incorporating the blue colorant and scents, pouring, setting, cutting, and finally, the crucial curing process.

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Steps to Produce 1 metric tonne of blue soap.

Creating a massive quantity of soap, particularly 1 metric ton of blue soap, requires careful planning, meticulous ingredient measurement, and precise execution. To achieve this colossal production, let's break down the process into comprehensive steps:

Before commencing the soap production process, gather the necessary ingredients and equipment.



Mixing Ratios and Process.

Once you've assembled the necessary ingredients and equipment, proceed with the soap production following these detailed steps:

Step 1. Preparing the Lye Solution.

Measure and carefully add 92.5 kilograms of caustic soda crystals to the 300 liters of water in a stainless steel container.

Stir the mixture thoroughly, ensuring the caustic soda crystals are fully dissolved. Remember to wear protective gear during this process.

Step 2. Heating and Mixing the Oils.

Heat the 750 liters of oils or fats to the required temperature range, usually between 110°F to 130°F (43°C to 54°C), in the large mixing vessel.

Gradually pour the prepared lye solution into the heated oils while continuously stirring with a large mechanical mixer. This process is essential for saponification, where the oils and lye combine to form soap.

Step 3. Achieving Trace

Continue mixing the solution until it reaches a stage known as "trace," where the mixture thickens and leaves a trace or pattern when dribbled across the surface.

This stage indicates the onset of saponification and is crucial for the soap-making process.

Step 4. Incorporating blue Color and Perfume.

add the desired amount of blue coloring agent gradually while stirring continuously until you achieve the desired color.

Optionally, incorporate perfumes or scents at this stage following recommended guidelines for the specific volume.

Step 5. Pouring and Setting

Once the mixture reaches trace and any optional additives are included, swiftly pour the soap mixture into large molds suitable for accommodating 1 metric ton of soap.

Allow the soap to cool and set in the molds for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours, ensuring it solidifies properly.

Step 6. Cutting and Curing.

Once set, cut the soap into manageable bars or blocks using specialized cutters or equipment. Allow the cut soap to cure for a period ranging from several weeks to a few months, depending on the specific soap recipe, to ensure optimal hardness and quality.

formulae to mix lye, bleached oil, fragrance and colorant in soap production.

What are the benefits of bathing with blue soap?

Blue bar soap offers various benefits beyond its aesthetic appeal. Here's a concise overview of the advantages of using blue soap.

Soothing Properties. Blue soap often contains ingredients like chamomile, lavender, or aloe vera, known for their calming and soothing properties. These components can be beneficial for individuals with sensitive or irritated skin, offering relief and gentle cleansing.

Antibacterial and Antifungal Action. Some blue soaps are formulated with antibacterial or antifungal agents like tea tree oil or eucalyptus. These properties help combat bacteria or fungi, making them suitable for certain skin conditions or infections.

Moisturizing Effect. Blue soap variants often contain moisturizing elements like glycerin, shea butter, or coconut oil. These ingredients aid in retaining skin moisture, preventing dryness, and maintaining skin hydration levels, especially in harsh weather conditions.

Refreshing Fragrance. Blue soaps come in various scents, offering refreshing and invigorating fragrances such as ocean breeze, citrus, or herbal blends. These fragrances can elevate the bathing experience, leaving a pleasant aroma on the skin.

Gentle Exfoliation. Some blue soaps incorporate natural exfoliants like oatmeal, sea salt, or crushed herbs. These elements help in gently removing dead skin cells, promoting smoother and softer skin texture.

Skin Brightening Properties. Blue soap often contains titanium dioxide or other natural brightening agents. These components assist in brightening the skin tone, reducing the appearance of dullness, and providing a radiant complexion.

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Mood Enhancement. Bathing with a pleasingly scented blue soap can contribute to relaxation and mood enhancement. Aromatherapy through fragrant soap usage can have a positive impact on stress reduction and mental well-being.

Environmentally Friendly Options. Some blue soap varieties are made from natural, eco-friendly ingredients and packaging materials. These soaps are biodegradable and do not contain harmful chemicals, contributing to a more sustainable choice for personal hygiene.

Suitability for Different Skin Types. Blue soap is often mild and suitable for various skin types, including normal, dry, oily, or combination skin. However, it's essential to check specific formulations to ensure compatibility with your skin's needs.

Visual Appeal and Aesthetics. Apart from its functional benefits, blue soap adds an element of aesthetics to bathrooms or washrooms, providing a vibrant and visually appealing touch to the setting.


Producing 1 metric ton of blue soap demands careful adherence to precise measurements, meticulous mixing, and proper curing. Following these step-by-step guidelines, soap makers can efficiently create large quantities of quality soap while ensuring safety and consistency throughout the process.

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